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Terina loves to re-imagine, redesign, re-purpose, in short, recreate. Her catch phrase is “what can I make with this?”. What others deem useless, to her is creative gold. Anything from old electricity insulators, old hot water systems, old rusty anything, sticks, rusty cat body parts, old teapots or old copper pipe.

If it has a shape, or can be reshaped, it is collected and used. To create her concepts she has learned to solder, weld, plasma cut, and put holes in just about anything.

Her work is permanently exhibited at Entangled in the Dyaboro Butter Factory Arts precinct and at The Mezzanne. She has exhibited in the prestigious C Gallery and Jugglers Art Space in Fortitude Valley and she has recently been invited to be a member of the 1340Gallery online based in Holland.

Terina lives and works off-grid, and strives to create a carbon neutral footprint. Her work is an extension of her passion for Mother Earth and zero waste. It is all part of a vision she has to create spaces for women to explore their creativity and save the planet at the same time.

Through her work, she hopes to give people a new understanding of how something “broken” can be reused, and still have function, form and beauty.

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