Member Profile : Martin Potter


Martin Potter is director the Big Stories Co. and creates transmedia and media for development works including Big Stories, Small Towns, the White Building project in Cambodia, Island Connect (Sri Lanka) and Stereopublic: crowdsourcing the quiet.

His projects have received over $8 million in competitive grant funding and won numerous international awards including SXSW Community Champion, TED City 2.0 and an Emmy for Digital Non-Fiction.

Martin also produces documentaries, including 20 hours of commissioned broadcast television and is a researcher and lecturer at Deakin University where he is a member of the Alfred Deakin Institute and investigator with the Centre of Excellence for Advancing Biodiversity and Heritage.

His focus is on facilitating work that supports marginalised groups and individuals to share their stories.

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See Martin at Pechu Kucha. Martin is also available as a mentor see registration desk for details.