Member Profile : Anna Straker


Anna Straker is an experienced performer and a superb maker. The puppetry of Umami Mermaids and the gorgeous scenes created out of timber and layered cloth and painted scrolls and cotton wool, the tiny lights embellishing puppets and displays.

This premiere work of puppet theatre offers a window to a world where mutated mermaids crawl from the sludge of the apocalyptic mess to seek their salty revenge.

From the mind of Anna Straker comes a sickeningly original, gothic feminist fairy tale with sword-swallowing, boil-popping and jaw-wrenching gore.

In collaboration with Elizabeth Millington, Maxine Mellor, Caitlin Strongarm and Anna Whitaker.

See Anna at Umami Mermaids, part of Arts Ablaze Up Late on Wednesday 2nd October.