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The Arts Ablaze program will have a variety of ways of engaging in meaningful discussion, sector networking and experiencing regional arts in action. There will be a limited number of opportunities within each programming category to ensure that delegates can access as much of the program as possible without too many competing parallel activities.

Presentations at Arts Ablaze will be used as catalyst for discussion. In 30-minute timeslots, these presentations must address a conference theme and challenge participants to think about new approaches and models. Case studies that demonstrate great regional arts outcomes are encouraged.

Please note that presentations selected through the EOI process will be a voluntary contribution to the conference program, with early bird discounts offered to the presenter/s.

Masterclasses will be up to 90 minutes in length. These can take several forms:

  • Facilitated sessions that delve into one or more of the themes aiming for a proposal to pitch back to delegates;
  • Hands on art making workshops that can expose artists and arts workers to new ways of working in their communities; or
  • A skills development workshop that aligns with a conference theme.

Masterclasses can be held across a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces dependent on the requirements of the presenter. Masterclass presenters/ facilitators will be remunerated for time and materials.

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Due: Monday 15th April 2019

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Please nominate which Arts Ablaze theme/s your proposal addresses as described above.

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Please nominate whether you would like to do a Presentation or a Masterclass.

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17 Supporting Materials (*)

Please provide us with support material that supports your proposal. This could be images, photos, audio, video, multimedia or documents. You can provide links to material published online using the text field below, or you can upload files directly using the file uploader.

Should you require an alternative method to submit supporting material (eg. posting a USB stick with support material saved on it) please contact Scenic Rim Regional Council on 07 5540 5050 or by emailing to arrange an agreed alternative.

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Attach a copy of your public liability Certificate of Currency.

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