Event Session - Arts Ablaze Community Café

Day 2 - Friday 4th

Friday 4 October 2:00pm - 03:00pm
The Main Event

This Arts Ablaze Community Café will look at Transformation of ACCESS.

The Arts Ablaze Community Cafés are based on the World Café methodology to host large group dialogue. Arts Ablaze Community Cafés are a key part of the conference and the time when as a sector and attendees at the conference we can come together to share insights from the day.

Each day conversations at the Arts Ablaze Community Café will tackle the days conference theme. Through a series of questions posed by three selected people attending the conference we will together look at how we can advance the transformations we want to see.

The questions will come from different people from different walks of life and areas of Queensland. The questions or observations for discussion will come from the days presentations. It is a fun way to get to meet people and will build networks and develop ideas. All notes from this session will be available for all delegates post Arts Ablaze.

Afternoon tea for all Arts Ablaze delegates will be served in this session.

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