Event Session - Home

Day 1 - Thursday 3rd

Thursday 3 October 6:30pm - 08:00pm
Driving Range tree line

Over 2010 – 2011, Craig Walsh and Hiromi Tango undertook an epic two-year regional tour across Australia, entitled Digital Odyssey, a Museum of Contemporary Art touring project, which brought their distinctive artwork to rural and remote locations as they lived and worked from a motor home. Home has developed through this tour and continues to evolve.

The artists invited local community members to participate in the creation of site-specific installations: As Craig Walsh’s contribution to this project, he created video portraits of individuals talking about their perceptions of home and projected these portraits on surfaces created and existing in specific environments. This new work for Arts Ablaze continues this accumulation of community video portraiture sourced from the Kooralbyn Valley region and there perception of HOME. These local portraits add to the collection of existing portraits from across Australia to create a video projection installation responsive to the site.

The idea of home was once synonymous with security and familiarity. While for many this may still be true, for others it may hold a sense of sadness, loss, dislocation or anxiety. The artists consider how a loss of connection to home for many is tied to their personal and cultural backgrounds.

Constantly aware of the dangers of imposing his own ideas on the communities he works with, Walsh acknowledges that our engagements are constantly impacted by complex social interactions, subtle perceptual gaps, and the danger of unintended consequences. Home - poses many questions around the fragility and instability of contemporary existence, and our assumptions about the universal nature of this ideal.

“cultivate gentle spaces where concepts of home remain specific to individuals, and yet when shown together become reflective of environment, culture and country, providing an honest representation of a locality and its people.”

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