Event Session - Rethinking 'regional arts in 2030' – Arts Front visioning workshop

Day 1 - Thursday 3rd

Thursday 3 October 11:00am - 12:00pm
Ignite Space

Connect with regional communities across Queensland, Australia and the world to share visions for the future of rural and regional arts in 2030.

Anyone can view the live stream of this event using the Zoom video conferencing link below. Logged in Arts Front members can contribute to the documentation of this event by adding images or video using the buttons below. They can also ask a question or make a comment using the questions box below.

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Questions and Comments

  • Priority Topics:
    - more conferences - keep going
    - share ideas
    - don't be afraid of Local Council - work with them
    - role of arts in community wellbeing is known and accepted
    - can't just preach to the converted - talk in other forums
    - need to share power
    - diversity of rural and regional - not the same - but needs to be connected
    - access for regional and remote - redistribute money
    - how deal with artists leaving rural community
    - leverage skills of older rural people
    - recognise the value of the arts
  • An economy of care - now there's a big idea
  • Great presentations from CAN, MAV and Darwin COmmunity Arts

Key Points