Event Session - The Impact of Creative Placemaking

Day 1 - Wednesday 2nd

Wednesday 2 October 11:45am - 12:30pm
The Main Event

Changing the lens of placemaking to focus through the eyes of artists and creative thinkers provides a unique opportunity for regional communities. How do we consider place from a spiritual First Peoples' perspective and embed their stories? How do regional communities learn from successful urban placemaking and make it locally relevant? We discuss why it is important to place creatives in the centre of placemaking.

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Questions and Comments

  • Where are the men in this place making? How do men ‘make place’ in our communities?
    Donna Clissold
  • The provocation was given that we should not frame 'placemaking' rather that we hear the need and respond How do you move away from labelling and therefore ownership?
  • Is your purpose driven by an existing strategy, consultation - or both? And, at what point does a clear purpose become the main driver behind what you’re doing?
  • What’s the best way to initiate community consultation to create places to meet the needs of the target consumers
    Kristel Kelly
  • What are some ideas and tools for measuring impact and engagement with long term activated spaces/made places?
    Kyle Walmsley

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